Upgrading UDA Fedora Version

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Upgrading UDA Fedora Version

Postby zthephoenixz » Sat Sep 20, 2008 3:04 am

Hi, I am running uda 1.4 under esx 3.5 and i am having an issue with the OS going into read-only mode.

Randomly the OS will kick a journal issue and switch to read-only mode which means the dhcp and everything stops working, the fix from vmware is to upgrade to Fedora 5.1 or beyond as the issue is created by the Fedora 5 kernel. (it only happens on uda and a old debian vm, after upgrading the debian box its issues were fixed)

So I would love any feedback if anyone else has upgraded the fedora core version or if they have successfully forced a newer kernel onto uda beyond 2.6.22?

Is there going to be a uda 1.5 any time soon built on a new version of fedora?
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