All computers but one booting PXE properly

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All computers but one booting PXE properly

Postby cadash » Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:17 am

I am not sure if anyone ever had this problem...... I setup a windows 2000 image to install into an old Compaq Ipaq which uses a propietary connection for CD-ROM and is unable to boot from a USB-drive. The problem is UDA is working from every other machine in the network, even virtual machines except for the Ipaq which is the one I care. The only difference I could spot so far is that this old machine uses PXE 2.0 build 71. Not sure if anyone ever had a similar problem but thought I might ask since I am about to give up.

If anyone ever experienced something similar and has any advice I am all ears... or eyes in this case :P

Thanks in advance
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