Help with the new Setup of UDA

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Help with the new Setup of UDA

Postby funtoosh » Fri Apr 10, 2009 2:05 pm

I have installed new UDA server to deploy ESX using Mike Laverick’s document. I installed UDA on ESX which has untagged N/W .
UDA server IP address is x.x.x.x.
I used the DHCP server where above IP address has been defined and made changes on 066 and 067 as I wanted to use DHCP server running in my network.
I created kick start file as per the document and then created new test VM on the same network as UDA on same host (Just to test functionality ). Booted the VM to see if it all connect to UDA but to my surprise it connect to my other PXE server running MDT and start downloading image from there.
I tried:
1. Binding the MAC of the test machine
2. Made 066 and 067 changes to all the available DHCP server in our network.
I really don’t have clue how to start troubleshooting and from where to start it from.
If anyone can guide me that would be great help as I am desperately want this to work

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