Solution: deploing W2K3 on HP (Broadcom) NC373i

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Solution: deploing W2K3 on HP (Broadcom) NC373i

Postby valhalla » Thu May 14, 2009 8:14 am

For all who can't use UDA 1.4 with HP (Broadcom) NC373i network adapters to deploy Windows 2003.

First i recommend to install Midnight Commander - graphic file system utility. ... 6.rpm.html
Download and type
rpm -ivh mc-4.6.1a-36.20070124cvs.fc5.i386.rpm
Type mc to start.
It doesn't require additional packages, thanks to UDA developers.
Use Ctrl+O for command prompt, TAB, F3, F4 for viewing and editing files, ALT+s for searh file in directory.

Next you need to download HP NC-Series Multifunction Driver for RISWinPE. ... R1002_USEN

Important! You must copy b06nd51.sys and b06nd.inf in i386-directory of your ISO image!

Now you need to configure your OS from web-interface. After that there must be WI2K3, WI2K3_INF and WI2K3_SYS in /var/public/tftproot. Now you must copy you driver: b06nd51.sys and b06nd.inf in WI2K3_SYS and WI2K3_INF. You can't add them via web-interface because there are very bugged ris-linux in UDA 1.4 - infparser 0.8 and 0.8. 0.8 has some bugs discovered by me:
1. Keyword ServiceBinary is case sensitive
2. It can't parse driver with empty sections
and more

So you must get ris-linux 0.4
There are versions 1.0 of and You can't use infparser 1.0 with binlsrv 0.8.
Next backup all of /var/public/bin. Copy there ris-linux-0.4 files (overwrite all). From this point you can't use web-interface to add drivers and binlsrv manipulations (including configuring OS).

Next you need to parse your driver b06nd.inf.

Stop binl:
#service binl stop
Parsing: /var/public/tftproot/WI2K3_INF/
Copy new devlist.cache to /etc (infparser creates it in its directory)
Start binl:
#service binl start

Configure you template via web.
Try pxe-boot.
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Re: Solution: deploing W2K3 on HP (Broadcom) NC373i

Postby johnsmith » Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:43 am

Hi valhalla!
You've given great information about HP wck3 deploing, I've visited many other forums but i couldn't find that piece of information. thank you
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Re: Solution: deploing W2K3 on HP (Broadcom) NC373i

Postby seanpualion » Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:46 am

I have just joined and I hope I will learn a lot of new information here.
I admire the valuable information you offered in your article. Excellent submission very good post.Keep posting thumbs up.
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