HP SUM/ Service pack CD problem

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HP SUM/ Service pack CD problem

Postby richint » Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:04 am

Hi Guys,

Has anyone had any success with booting the HP SUM / HP_Service_Pack_for_Proliant_2013.09.0 firmware update ISO via a CIFS share through UDA?

The installation comes with pxelinux config including initrd.img and vmlinuz and an example menu entry but the boot process seems to bomb out shortly after trying to mount the iso1mnt directory.

Adding a d3bug line to the append string shows it's unable to mount the Image on the CIFS share and seems to equally fail using CIFS or NFS.

label vsos
MENU LABEL Interactive Firmware Update Version 2013.09.0
kernel spp2013090/vmlinuz
append initrd=spp2013090/initrd.img media=net rw root=/dev/ram0 ramdisk_size=808296 init=/bin/init loglevel=3 ide=nodma ide=noraid nopat pnpbios=off vga=791 splash=silent hp_fibre showopts noexec32=off numa=off nox2apic TYPE=MANUAL AUTOPOWEROFFONSUCCESS=no iso1=cifs:// iso1mnt=/mnt/bootdevice

Errors during boot:
mount_url.sh --dir /mnt/bootdevice cifs://
modprobe: FATAL: Could not open '/lib/modules/3.0.58-0.6.2-default/kernel/crypto/md5.ko': No such file or directory

The missing md5.ko would seem to be the issue but is this more a problem with UDA or the HPSUM cd?

Any assistance appreciated.

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