UBCD4Win or BartPE unable to boot

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UBCD4Win or BartPE unable to boot

Postby mobilewill » Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:04 pm

I just recently installed UDA and its great but having a hard time getting all my distros I want working. One of them being Bart or UBCD4Win. I tried with xpsp2 and server 2003 and server 2003 sp2. I was getting a black screen after the intital text when you start to boot bartpe/ubcd but then I redid it with server 2003 sp2 and I get a error just trying to add the ISO in UBA20-20. I get could not find i386 or I386 in /var/public/tftproot/bartpe/ubcd

If I ssh to the UBCD folder its empty. Not sure why it would be. The ISO is valid. I can browse it with WINIMAGE.

Thanks for anything that might help.
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