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Postby danny » Fri Mar 06, 2009 2:10 am

Have anyone tried to slipstream the mass storage drivers for text mode into the iso uda boots the client up off ?
I tried using the DP_BASE application from, got no errors slipstreaming them into the instalation, made it back into a iso, mounted it in uda and tried to boot up a client, got a error with some 3waredrv.sys file, so i figured i needed to fix the file with lines to convert upper case to lower case for the new drivers i had added, the lines i added goes here.
And yes it does need to be sy_ because the DP_BASE program cabinet pack the files to safe space!

Code: Select all
rG 3wareDrv.sy_ 3waredrv.sy_
rG 3wDrv100.sy_ 3wdrv100.sy_
rG DPTI2O.sy_ dpti2o.sy_
rG ADP3132.sy_ adp3132.sy_
rG MegaIDE.sy_ megaide.sy_
rG MegaINTL.sy_ megaintl.sy_
rG Mraid2k.sy_ mraid2k.sy_
rG fttxr52P.sy_ fttxr52p.sy_
rG FTTXR5_O.sy_ fttxr5_o.sy_
rG 3124r5A.sy_ 3124r5a.sy_
rG 3124R5A2.sy_ 3124r5a2.sy_
rG 3132R5C.sy_ 3132r5c.sy_
rG 3132R5C2.sy_ 3132r5c2.sy_
rG 3132R5C3.sy_ 3132r5c3.sy_
rG 3132R5C4.sy_ 3132r5c4.sy_
rG 3132R5C5.sy_ 3132r5c5.sy_
rG 3112Rx47.sy_ 3112rx47.sy_
rG ASH1205.sy_ ash1205.sy_
rG VIAPDSK.sy_ viapdsk.sy_
rG VIDEX32.sy_ videx32.sy_
rG VMSCSI.sy_ vmscsi.sy_
rG SISRAID4.sy_ sisraid4.sy_
rG SISRAIDX.sy_ sisraidx.sy_
rG SISRAID1.sy_ sisraid1.sy_
rG SISRAID2.sy_ sisraid2.sy_
rG SISRAID.sy_ sisraid.sy_
rG SI3132B5.sy_ si3132b5.sy_
rG SI3132B4.sy_ si3132b4.sy_
rG SI3132B3.sy_ si3132b3.sy_
rG SI3132B2.sy_ si3132b2.sy_
rG SI3132B.sy_ si3132b.sy_
rG SI3112.sy_ si3112.sy_

It loaded all the drivers and went on to the part where it says in the bottom "Setup is starting windows" and then nothing more happends, it just froze, no NAK's in tftpd log, and no errors in binl log, i even tried to let it stand over night, but in the morning it was still not come any further.

Then i got the idea that it could be a broken iso i used, so burned and tested, it loaded perfectly and most important of all i could see my sata drive, as are on a controler that is unsupported by default in windows (you need the damn floppy disk)

Anyone who have some good ideas or know what is wrong please let me know :)

EDIT: Just to make sure we are clear, its not a problem with 1 pc only, or with a virtual pc, i tested it on 4 diffrend real computers, and 1 virtual all the same.
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Re: Windows Mass Storage TEXT mode

Postby danny » Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:56 pm

Made it work now, for anyone else having the same problem using the AutoImage tool in RIS mode make a working version.
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Re: Windows Mass Storage TEXT mode

Postby stamandster » Thu Mar 26, 2009 1:51 pm

Have you tried using the Driverpacks Base utility to do this?

Could you write a little guide on how you did this?
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Re: Windows Mass Storage TEXT mode

Postby danny » Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:42 pm

Use autoimage, its a tool for making nlite ryanwm and so on steps all automated, it uses dp_base and it will make your text mode mass storage drivers work and the setup load properly.
You can find it by searching google for rougespears autoimage
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