NVIDIA Network Drivers

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NVIDIA Network Drivers

Postby appleton1 » Thu Apr 30, 2009 3:57 pm

Anyone had much luck with NVIDIA drivers with the UDA?

I keep getting BSOD's. :-(

I'm using MCP73 chipset. I have tried NVIDIAMCP73_RIS_6753 and NVIDIA_RIS_V6772 versions.

It loads the nvnrm.sys driver and then blue screens after that. I am usng Aviad version, though I am guessing the problem occurs on the normal version as well. I looked at the PDF file from NVIDIA and it seems to want files in the I836 folder. The NRM files need to be in an \$oem$\$1\Driver\Nic folder. This is different to UDA standards, so any ideas please? :-)

I noticed in the log file that it requested the NvNrm.SYS file (case senistive). I renamed the file to this so that the driver would load, otherwise it would do code 21 (file missing) error.

Thanks for any help.

Appleton1 :)
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Re: NVIDIA Network Drivers

Postby lighting123 » Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:58 am

The NVIDIA nForce3 Professional advanced networking technology gives both network managers and workstation customers the advantages of in-depth NVIDIA experience for optimizing critical core functionality. With built-in solutions for today’s quickest Ethernet access techniques, the NVIDIA nForce3 Professional platform processors make sure that systems can survive and thrive in the current fast changing networked conditions. Management functionality continues to be included in the NVIDIA solution, which makes it possible to effectively monitor and catch system issues before they escalate. The NVIDIA solution also includes high-performance technologies for security measures, presenting a desktop degree of protection that augments other corporate safety measures and makes in-home and corporate systems safer from unauthorized access.
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