Problems with UDA 1.4

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Problems with UDA 1.4

Postby blanktree » Sat Apr 05, 2008 2:19 am

we have just started using the appliance but have found that after I get it basically setup and access it via a web interface it works fine. However as soon as I go to the various items such as OS and try to configure an OS the page then shows up with no OS's. Then when I go to Create Mount point I see the basic mounts but as soon as I create another one this page also goes blank.

It seems everything I touch goes blank after wards.

I am running 1.4 and have tried running it from both ESX 3.02 and from VMWare server but the image on both does the same thing. I followed the docs for creation so don't know as I have done anything wrong in the setup.

Thanks all.
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