Tinycore and pop up window size

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Tinycore and pop up window size

Postby ahmjrd » Mon Nov 04, 2013 6:43 am

hi folks
as I mention before I had 2 problems
1st I can not PXE boot graphical user interface of Tinycore 5
2nd is I can not have a fullscreen window in tinycore 3 when I PXE boot them

my 1st problem was posted by this topic "Tiny core and GUI problem "
my another issue is as i'm going to describe
as you may know in tinycore 3 we have Bzimage instead of Vmlinuz
so when I add the bzImage file and Core.gz I can PXE boot to the GUI ???? but I cant open the GUI in tinycore 5 or 4
when I log in I want to open VMware view open client
but the windows opening had the maximum 50% of my monitor height
I checked the /home/tce/.VMware/view-perferences
and I did add view.fullscreen="true"
but nothing changes
can any body help me !@@??
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