Bug in patchs 19 & 20 install script

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Bug in patchs 19 & 20 install script

Postby smu » Mon Mar 26, 2012 6:03 pm


as many posters here, I had some problems with my UDA 2.0 after applying patch 19 or 20 (tried both, thanks to the snapshot reminder :) ).
The main symptom is the tftp no more working, and many services not logging anymore.
My investigations leads me to confirm that some files have been renamed, ie smb.cong.org and syslog.conf.org.

I finnaly found a bug in the install.sh provided with the patch : some calls to sub-fonctions in "post_copy_actions" are commented !

Workaround : expand the path, uncomment lines 562,563,565,566, and repack it.
Tip : tar it first without compression, and gzip it.

I don't know if the path can be re-applied on an already patched UDA, didn't try ...

Hope this can help !

PS : don't forget to empty the browser's cache after applying the path.
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Re: Bug in patchs 19 & 20 install script

Postby ironhide » Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:38 pm

I can confirm that this workaround fixed the problems that I was having with version 2.0.20.

Great work smu
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