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Postby davidedwardgill » Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:19 pm

I have not used UDA previously

After downloading, and running through the wizard I am able to add a SMB share to the storeage area.
I move a bartpe iso, and the windows iso that was used for the pe creation to the SMB share.
When I attempt to add bartpe to the OS list in the http manager the isos don't show in the bartpe drop down list, or in the 2003 sp2 list.

I would prefer to use a virtual drive, rather then a network share. I've created SATA drive, and IDE drives. Partitioned then formatted. SATA drives don't show in the http config page, and it won't mount the IDE drives.

I've found a few tutorials, but must have failed to duplicate the results in the tutorials.
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