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    wimlib is the library that was written in order to be able to support WinPE deployment from the Ultimate Deployment Appliance. The version used in UDA can do just enough to do that: read WIM files and make rudimentary changes to the content.

    Feel free to change, extend, enhance etc. this library. It is released under the GNU LGPL v2 and contains lzx decompression code from the libmspack library of the cabextract project. Libmspack is also released under the GNU LGPLv2.

    Windows 7 support for the UDA is now in beta, get it here


    I'm very pleased to announce that our forum member Synchonicity has totally rewritten the wimlib library! His work can be found on his Sourceforge Wimlib Project page. Thanks Synchonicity!

    FileMD5 SUMSize
    wimlib-0.4.tar.gz (and up)    
    wimlib-0.2.tgz 4127c0c00021846f87c59679f6dbfc48 84K