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  • UDA 3.0

    TypeFileMD5 SUMSize
    Release uda30build143.ova 78ab2cc902b420a76b1ba973f7b9668b 607 Mb
    Patch uda30P4.tgz 0f4d7289f2f8afd1d85f717bda9d9cc4 1.0 Mb

    Note: UDA 3.0 users will need to download and install only the latest patch. All previous patches are contained in that latest patch.

    Old versions

    TypeFileMD5 SUMSize
    Release uda20.build17.zip 352e7362fdf75f2cb250aa7c2ebbf61c 178 Mb
    Patch uda-2.0.20.tgz a9f0f0eaf7e373c41ab31fd6e2ae46b6 230K
    Patch uda-2.0.23.tgz 0ead8cea0a3b37fbe861cad5159ae989 167K
    Patch uda-2.0.26.tgz 70d42614e019cc097d93909d13e2a914 2Mb

    Note: UDA 2.0 users will need to download the release and all patch files. All patches will need to be applied to get the latest features and bugfixes.